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Over 20 years in advertising, together. We worked for traditional agencies, but also for the online side of the business. We have also won awards and were promoted on positions. But we quit this life. We have decided to take creation into our own hands.
We have decided to shorten the pathway: client – client service – creation team – production team – client service again – creation team again – moving on to the online team – followed by the PR team – and back to the client service – have a little chat with the client again – and so on and so forth. Fewer “it can’t be done”, “yes, boss” or “if they pay what we ask, do whatever crosses their mind!”
Two people with a Creative Shop providing creation services and products, in which we believe: concept, print, illustration, photo, video, animation, online, as well as creative content (on our personal blogs and on other media) and fashion or interior design consulting.

Do you have it also on pink?

Blogger, Art-history graduate, Fashion and shoes addict

Liana Popa


Now that I work for myself, I do what I wanted to do at work.

Photographer, dslr video enthusiast, animator, painter, graffiti artist

Sorin Craciun
Art Director


Ham-Ham! Ham.

Translation: Give me a bone!

Client Service

Here are a few of our projects:

An everyday blog.

It started as a fashion blog, but it soon turned into an everyday blog, a good platform for user-friendly ideas about food, outfits, interior design or travelling. We do not believe in both promotion (likes) or in copy/paste promotion from press releases, therefore this blog is place where your brand can enjoy interactive exposure – since we produce creative content, a great fit for your brand.
Recipient of the Digital Divas Award, 2 years in a row – the only competition of fashion & beauty blogs in Romania.

Visit Romania.

A classic. That's because it's a page for those who want good and sincere opinions about travelling to and through Romania. No ads and no bull-shit.
All the material is personal, meaning I went to all the places and made my own pictures and videos. And my own texts. See you on the road!

Leather goods & handmade objects.

Dedicated to the things we kill. Dedicated to the trades and info we threw in the trashcan just because technology can make things easier and faster.
Started as a hobby and way to kill some demons, became a place where people loving leather items can find their favorite stuff.

Hate based articles. Ex-graffiti database.

A web site dedicated to graffiti and street-art in Romania. I gathered more than 4000 pictures.
But, now that graffiti is dead... well, it's just a platform for graffiti melancholic enthusiasts and hipsters.

Drawings turned into nice prints.

Ever since I was a kid, when I get bored, I draw on everything.
Some of these drawings I transform into nice prints for clothing and apparel.



Best bloggers Porjects
3rd Prize eTravel Awards

eTravel Awards 2016

Brest Cancer

Best bloggers for social causes - 2nd Prize

Digital Divas 2014

Paris Fashion Week

Best use of photography
3rd Prize

Digital Divas 2014


E-mail: contact(at)elanulgalben.ro
Phone: +40723869401 or +40722363871

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